Annual motto 2022

The 2022 motto:


The motto for the 2022 event year is Living.Work.Life. This triad highlights aspects of Modernism that still concern us today. Their ideals were closely linked to the development of modern societies and their urban centers that began in the course of industrialization. In addition to architecture, urban planning, art and design, social and societal issues are also included. 

Ukraine Special

Topic Focus:

Modernism in Ukraine, parts 1-5

The images of the war in Ukraine are staggering. There is also no end to the destruction of cities, buildings and cultural assets. From this, a five-part exhibition series shows buildings and contexts in Kharkiv and Lviv. On the second day of the Berlin Opening event, speakers will report on the legacy of Modernism and the current situation in Ukraine.


Convergences and Divergences

Colloquium on 16-18.11.2023

Apply now: Program papers are still being sought for the conference, to be held Nov. 16-18, 2023, in Berlin, that take a look at Modernism in Central Europe beyond the attributions of East and West. The English-language international conference is a cooperation between the Pilecki Institute and ETOM. You can find all information about the five topics here.

Opening-Event 2022

Concentrated input

30.9. + 1.10.2022: Two days Opening

Under the motto "Diversity Modernism | Modernism Diversity" the newly established networks in Germany and Europe presented themselves on 30.9.2022 in the Czech Embassy. On the second day at the TU at Ernst-Reuter-Platz, a special on "Modernism in Ukraine" and a "Pecha Kucha of Modernism" will follow.

German World Heritage Sites

Network of Modernism:

World Heritage of the 20th Century in Germany

Of the 51 World Heritage sites in Germany, several represent the 20th century. The Berlin 2022 was the first to include:

European network

Triennial of Modernism:

Diverse Modernism | Modern Diversity

Many cities and sites of Modernism in Europe share a common heritage. The Triennial of the Modernism is to form a multinational network on building culture and the ideas of the Modernism . The goal is to exchange ideas and maybe even cooperate on the program in 2025. With a focus on Central Europe, we have brought together about 40 exciting partners from 15 countries.

Programme in Berlin

From 30.9. in Berlin:

Theme Heritage and Diversity

Triennial 2022 begins with a two-day Opening event in Berlin. For the first time, future network cities and partners from Germany and Europe will be introduced. The Berlin program will run until December.

Programme in Dessau

7-9.10. in Dessau:

Water culture and hygiene

The Dessau Weekend 2022 is dedicated to water culture and hygiene. Exemplary for the change of the hygienic and urban standards are Dessau places and buildings of the Modernism from the Bauhaus building to the pump house in Dessau-Törten or also the waterworks east. There is a Triennial-day-ticket for 8€.

Programme in Weimar

Oct. 14-16 in Weimar:

History and present

In 1923, the Bauhaus shows how teachers and students envisioned the Modernism in architecture, art and design with the Haus Am Horn in a first showcase. The Bauhaus Museum, which opens in Weimar in 2019, presents the treasures of the world's oldest Bauhaus collection. Weimar also has several other highlights for those interested in the Bauhaus and history.

New cooperations

Strategic partnerships:

Docomomo and Icomos

The Triennial of Modernism 2022 forms the Opening for a Europe-wide network, which could lead to a European festival from 2025. In line with this, we have established partnerships with ICOMOS, DOCOMOMO International and other partners to strengthen the format in the long term.

Docomomo Journal

Finissage + Workshop + Release

17.12.2022: Magazine Release

With a workshop talk with international guests, the Docomomo journal "Multiple Modernities in Ukraine" will be presented on December 17 at BHROX bauhaus reuse. The event, which will also be broadcast online via Zoom, will also be the finissage of the five-part exhibition series "Modernism in Ukraine".

World Heritage Proposal

Berlin East-West-East

Colloquium on 25 + 26.10.2022

Berlin has proposed to recommend the two major listed ensembles of reconstruction - Karl-Marx-Allee and buildings of Interbau 1957 - for the German Tentative List of World Cultural Heritage. The proposal will be presented and discussed at the colloquium at Triennial of Modernism .

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Archive 2013-2019


Festival years 2019 - 2016 - 2013

The "Triennial of Modernism", which was launched in 2013, has offered a varied program every three years since then." The respective changing motto refers to current topics, anniversaries or theme years. Here you will find a brief overview of the themes and focal points of the previous three festivals.

Film documentary

Film documentary:

Statements on the Triennial

Launched in 2013, the festival grew out of a cooperation between the cities of Berlin, Dessau and Weimar and their World Heritage sites of the 1920s. Since then, every three years, the context and architectural heritage of Modernism has been brought into the focus of a broad public. The documentation of the final conference in 2019 reports on how the format will be continued and expanded.