Programme in Berlin

From 30.9.-31.12.2022 in Berlin:

Theme Heritage and Diversity

Triennial 2022 began with a two-day Opening event in Berlin. Future network cities and partners from Germany and Europe were presented for the first time. The Berlin program continued into December.

Programme in Dessau

7-9.10.2022 in Dessau:

Water culture and hygiene

The Dessau weekend in 2022 was dedicated to water culture and hygiene. Dessau locations and buildings from Modernism , from the Bauhaus building to the pump house in Dessau-Törten and the Waterworks East, are examples of the change in hygiene and urban planning standards. There was a Triennial day ticket for €8.

Programme in Weimar

14-16.10.2022 in Weimar:

History and present

In 1923, the Bauhaus shows how teachers and students envisioned the Modernism in architecture, art and design with the Haus Am Horn in a first showcase. The Bauhaus Museum, which opens in Weimar in 2019, presents the treasures of the world's oldest Bauhaus collection. Weimar also has several other highlights for those interested in the Bauhaus and history.