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zukunftsgeraeusche GbR
Robert K. Huber (Managing Partner)
Postfach 120618, 10596 Berlin

in cooperation with
Ben Buschfeld, - graphic and interface design
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Overall coordination and curation are carried out in close coordination with the permanent partners in Weimar, Dessau and Berlin.

The Berlin program is coordinated in the context of a
grant from the LOTTO Foundation Berlin. The funding application was submitted by the Kompetenzzentrum Großsiedlungen e.V., represented by board chairman Bernd Hunger and board member Robert K. Huber, and made possible on the basis of start-up funding from the Landesdenkmalamt Berlin.

Local editorial
Curation and coordination

  • Weimar
    Mark Schmidt / Vanessa Berger, weimar GmbH
  • Dessau
    Christin Irrgang, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
  • Berlin, Germany and Europe
    Robert K. Huber, zukunftsgeraeusche GbR
    Ben Buschfeld,

Design, Layout, Social Media

Graphic design
Poster, flyer and website design as well as
Editorial support for the social media channels: - graphic and interface design
Ben Buschfeld, Tel.: +49 (0)30 259229-63 - tdm[at]

Other partners

Responsibility for the content of individual contributions
lies with the respective programme partners and network participants in Germany and Europe. A list of the organisations involved in planning and implementation can be found at

Note on translations
and formulations

This website uses an automatic translation function. Individual technical terms or event titles may therefore differ slightly in English from the terms otherwise used in the professional world or in printed publications of the Triennial . With regard to gender-neutral language, the organisers use the *gender asterisk by default. Should the generic masculine be used in individual sub-pages, all genders and identities are still meant.

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Start-up financing

for applications and preparatory work in the field of communication